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3 marzec 2013


Endometriosis Awareness Week, 4th-10th march, 2013 – Because the ribbons are not only pink

In days 4th-10th March the whole world will observe the Endometriosis Awareness Week (EAW). In Poland since 2010 this event is organized by Polish Endometriosis Association (PSE) and Foundation for Women (FDK). As in previous years, this time all activities are also under the Honorary Patronage of the Wife of The President of Poland Mrs. Anna Komorowska.

This year’s objective is to point out the low awareness of woman’s illnesses. Focusing entirely on tumor prophylaxis results in ignoring of other illnesses affliction by many women. Ignoring of endometriosis afflictions, negligence or not diagnosing it in its early stage may lead to irreversible changes in organs.



A focal point of this year EAW will be The Yellow Weekend. During this time free consultations with specialists will be possible. In Warsaw the medical advices will be given by gynecologists from three different hospitals, two clinics specialized in endometriosis treatment as well as a dietician and a psychologist. In Poznan, there will also be a possibility to consult physiotherapists. The meetings will take part the 9th of March (Saturday) in Traffic Club, Bracka Street 25 in Warsaw at 10 a.m. to 6p.m. and the 10th of March (Sunday) in Chimera teahouse, Dominikanska Street 7 in Poznan at 9a.m. to 4p.m. There will be meetings organized by local support groups nationwide. There will also be a possibility to get advice at a PSE hot line (tel. 728 161 149).

In endometriosis the mucous membrane of the uterus appear outside uterine cavity. The symptoms might include severe pain during menstruation, menstrual disorder and problems in getting pregnant. It is estimated that 50% infertile women suffer endometriosis. The most common causes of late diagnosis of endometriosis are high unawareness of the disease, concealing the symptoms and unwillingness to share intimate problems. Statistically the time since first symptoms occurring until making diagnosis amount to 7 years. Endometriosis is an incurable disease. Its course may be alleviates pharmacologically or by a surgery.   

Organizators: Polish Endometriosis Association, Foundation for Women

Partners: Traffic, Chimera, St. Sofia Hospital in Warsaw, 1st Department and Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Medical University of Warsaw

Honorary Patrons: Wife of the President of Poland Mrs. Anna Komorowska


Katarzyna Zielińska,, tel. 601 730 310

Katarzyna Olechowska,, tel. 504 009 733


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